Nicole Fuller MA, CAC III

Psychotherapist & Certified Addiction Counselor


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Durango CO Substance Abuse Counseling

Therapy for individuals adults, adolescents, families & couples ;
Dual Diagnosis & Substance Abuse Counseling

15 Years of Helping People.
Fulfilling Sessions In A Private Setting.

Why does a person decide on counseling?

There are times in life when stress levels seem more than you can bare. This is when you need to find the courage to ask for help. We all need help at one time or another. Stress is inherent in each of our lives. It is a sign of inner strength to reach out, and make an effort to change.

I have helped individuals with a variety of problems including: crisis, trauma, depression, self-esteem, parenting, relationships, communication, grief due to death or divorce, loneliness, fears and phobias, anger issues, sexual abuse, substance abuse, stress management, and skill building for interpersonal relationships, emotional regulation and distress tolerance.

You can expect me to be non-judgmental and supportive. I may ask you questions about your thoughts and feelings, and help guide you to exploring issues surrounding your concerns. Together we will set achievable goals. I can help provide knowledge and tools that enable you to deal more effectively with your issues. If you prefer we can do telephone and eCounseling. Counseling is confidential, effective, affordable, convenient, and problem solving oriented.
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